Uses of ICF's

The Nudura ICF can be used in any and all of the following categories:

  • Residential (Single Family, Multi-Family, Condominiums)       
  • Safe Houses
  • Tornado Shelters
  • Farm Buildings
  • Hotels
  • In-Door Shooting Ranges
  • Retail / Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Educational Facilities
  • Governmental Buildings
  • Retaining Walls
  • Pools


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The NUDURA ICF Series is the leader in Insulated Concrete Form Innovation and technology and offers users the ability to combine a variety of products during the building process.

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The Integrated series from NUDURA combines building envelope products that work in conjunction with our line of Insulated Concrete Forms to provide maximum energy efficiency.

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The industry's only multi-link form system that enables the creation of a fully exposed concrete surface that extends to the face of a standard NUDURA form panel.

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The Plus+ Series product line introduces an innovative way for you to build your own R-value. Comprised of two new products: Plus Forms and R-Value Plus inserts.


  • ICF Layout / Wall Sections
  • Architectural Design
  • Consulting


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